Reliability and a partner skilled to manage extraordinary requests in different fields: these are the main companies needs in order to strengthen their business and that’s why Studio Godoli makes of work a mission whose hub is the clients’ gain.

Studio Godoli’s experts embody this added value: highly professional consultants offer advice to clients both in ordinary and extraordinary transactions.


The Founder


“The successes of the first generation give value and expertise to new choices and future strategies”.

Maurizio Godoli



You can reach a wide range of skills helping you to lead the future market.

Cooperation and the networking are the main resources offered to Studio Godoli’s clients supporting them in a multidisciplinary field and in different development areas.

Studio Godoli makes the difference. In the difficult contemporary market it provides a comprehensive, skilled and thorough support in financial, tax and legal operations and in the management of national and international agreement.

Studio Godoli’s staff is made up of specialized tax and legal consultant who can guarantee highly skilled advisory even in the most complex extraordinary procedures.

Languages spoken, other than Italian, are English and Spanish.

Dott. Luciano Leonello Godoli

Rag. Carla Gatti

Dott. Federica Godoli

Dott. Roberto Belletti

Dott. Monica Colombi

Dott. Domenico Fogliaro

Dott. Agostino Francesco Mazziotti

Avv. Laura Maccari

Dott. Carlo Alberto Ravazzolo

Avv. Barbara Mignatti

A unique company, thousand skills.

Studio Maurizio Godoli’s legal division is specialized in civil law, commercial law, contractual and international law both out of court and in judicial and arbitral proceedings at national and international level.

Thanks to its partnership, Studio Maurizio Godoli has strengthened its ability to offer multidisciplinary and specialized legal services, in all fields of business law, and to assist both Italian companies operating abroad and foreign ones operating in Italy.

Having an international experience is crucial today, as most of market transactions have an international size. Studio Godoli’s tailor-made and prompt assistance is suitable to face its clients’ needs.

The professionals of Studio Maurizio Godoli have gained experience in leading International law firms, have studied in international universities and are also entitled to practice in foreign jurisdictions.


Studio Godoli is a member of PKF International, a network of independent companies specialized in the field of auditing and advisory.
They are in 111 Countries boasting 181 offices in Europe and 559 in the world: a network of excellence to provide global services.

PKF – STUDIO MAURIZIO GODOLI is a memberfirm of the PKF International Limited network of legally independent firms and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the actions on the part of any other individual member firm or firms.

Fidingest S.p.A.


Static trust company active in the management of family assets. The main activity is centered on issues concerning the establishment of Trust and other investment “vehicles” for personal assets in order to grant an harmonious generation to generation handover also in small family companies.
Born and developed as an independent company not belonging to any bank and / or financial group it has been working for 26 years assisting its clients with professionalism, transparency and confidentiality in order to meet the interests of individuals, families, businesses and institutions seeking, in confidentiality to third, a value to be preserved.
Fidingest S.p.A. is owned by Studio Godoli.




Summa Service in an Independent Master Servicer not connected in any way to direct investors in the performing market. Its corporate structure guarantees the maximum level of transparency when handling tasks.
As appointee for the collection of receivables, cash services and payments, Summa Service is responsible for the verification of conformity with the Securitization in accordance with Law 130/1999 and with the Prospectus.


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